Frequently Asked Questions on Subscription Jars

Can I choose the flowers that i receive? 

Although you would not be able to choose the flowers, rest assured that we will be picking out the best blooms for you! Our friendly flowers elves will get in touch with you to know you better after your purchase, so that we will be able to prepare the flowers with you in mind :) 

Can I choose the day of the week and time for the flowers to be delivered?

Yes! You can specify the day for the delivery. Subscription jars are delivered either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly on the day you have specified. It will be delivered from 10am-6pm.

Do you deliver on public holidays?

No, we don't. If your delivery day falls on a public holiday, we will deliver your jar the next working day. 

What if I am not there to receive the flowers? 

Do let us know if there's anyone else we can entrust the flowers, or let us know of a safe place to keep your flowers at. We will leave it at the doorstep if there is no one there. 

Do we get to keep all the jars? 

You will receive the first jar for free. On subsequent deliveries, we would like to ask for you to return the jars. Let's do our part to save the earth together. :)

How do I return the jars?

The flowers will always be delivered in a jar. Our courier will be collecting the first jar from you on the second delivery, second jar on the third delivery and so on. If you are unable to pass the jars personally, do leave it at the door and let us know. 

Can I switch up the address for delivery?

Yes, but please do let us know 3 working days in advance with the updated address. Check out our delivery policy for locations that will have an additional surcharge. 

How do I care for the flowers?

Do check out our flower care tips here on how to make your flowers last longer :)

How long will the flowers last for?

Change the water every two days, and give the stems a trim. It should last for up to 3-5 days, depending on the type of flowers, when placed out of direct sunlight. 

I am travelling, can I put my subscription on hold? 

Let us know at least 3 working day beforehand if you urgently need us to reschedule your delivery. We will be able to put your subscription on hold for up to two weeks. 

I would like to cancel my subscription.

There will be no refunds for cancelling your subscription plan prematurely, drop us an email if you still wish to cancel your subscription.