Curious to find out what KINS is about? That’s fantastic! Because, in KINS we are curious to discover untapped talents that our participants may have!

KINS is a skills training programme to empower ladies who have not had equal opportunities in life but have the aptitude and attitude to become a crafter. During the programme, the ladies will learn 5-6 crafts like jewelry making, calligraphy and embroidery. Becoming crafters in their own right, these ladies can start their own line of unique and handcrafted good of their choice! 

To fund this programme, 30% of the sales from the Gifts section go directly to KINS. The proceeds will be used to support the programme (eg. purchase materials for the crafts during the programme) and this will also allow the past participants to give back to the programme.

Support the programme today!

Ps! If you have a skill that you can teach and would like to be part of this programme, do drop us an email to discover how we can collaborate to expand this programme!  Customisations are available for all cards, embroidery, and jewelry!

For partnerships or volunteer opportunities, please drop us a note at We'll gladly get in touch with you. :)