[Reflections] Handpicked! Floral Repurposing Jan 2022 by Aggie Ling

It has been a while (perhaps more than 1 full year) since the last time we conducted Handpicked! Floral Repurposing! - repurposing flowers from weddings through engaging various communities). And this time round, given the covid restrictions, we had a cosy time at sunbeam place with the girls.

It was a heartwarming session - taking off the lens i hold as a social worker, and being able to be fully present with the girls and the flowers, and it has been a while since I have had the privilege to do that - no agenda, no family tree, no assessment and no case notes to input after the session. It is just us, human beings sharing this space and time at this very moment, with flowers being the visible commonality we share. And along the way we realised there are much more that we have in common than we know.

“Cher, can help me put the leaves? Where to put, why not nice” “No la, i also don’t know, just put wherever you like… maybe here? or here?” - I appreciated that there’s no right answer and there are no repercussions for the decisions. Just like how I do not know how to wrap this reflections up, I don’t know how to make sense of my time spent with them too (after all it was a 2 hours session, how much can it do?) - but perhaps it’s not about how much impact it will make, but on that particular date and time, we shared the space we shared the experience and maybe thats just what that matters.


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