#FlowerCrushFriday - Hydrating Hydrangeas

Hello friends! We wanted our #flowercrushfriday information to be shared easily among friends and family, so we've decided to pen them down so that you can always come back to this space when you need a refresher (: 

The main purpose of #flowercrushfriday was to share some fun, interesting information on flowers that our interns have picked up along the way! We hope that you'll be able to gain some knowledge as well~ :)


We know that flowers need water to grow and survive! Water is usually taken in through the roots of the plant, up the stem and it travels to all parts of the plant, including the flowers. Once flowers are cut, we will quickly transfer them into a vase to ensure that there's water to keep the flower, leaf and stem strong. 

That's the way that we usually water plants. Interestingly, there is another way of hydrating this particular flower...

Did you know that Hydrangea is one of the flowers that you can hydrate through its stem and its flower head? This came as a surprise to me! :)  

1. Fill up a bucket with water 
2. Submerge the hydrangea head into the water for 5 minutes
3. Give the stem a cut, about 1.5 cm at a 45 degree angle
4. Find a nice vase to house it 

If you are gifting our serene bouquet, remember that you can share this tip with your recipient to hydrate the hydrangea!

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