#FlowerCrushFriday - How to dry flowers

Previously on #flowercrushfriday, we shared some tips on how to make your fresh flowers last longer! :) This week, we want to share about how you can preserve your fresh flowers by drying them. 

1. To keep flowers as close to their original colour, try to start drying process as soon as flowers have fulfilled its purpose. (Shoutout to all the brides with your bridal bouquets)

2. Tie your bouquet together at its stem. 

3. You can also choose to tie them individually as not to damage the bloom

4. Hang them in a dry and dark place for about 2-3 weeks for them to dry completely. It will dry better if there's ventilation! 

5. After your flowers have dried, you can choose to spray some unscented hair spray for protection. 

6. Find a vase to house the flowers and place it at desired spot. 

Hope this has been helpful to those who have always wanted to try drying flowers. Do share with us photos of your dried flowers, we would really love to see them (: 


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