#FlowerCrushFriday - How to care for your succulents

Who here is guilty of killing your succulent plant? I know I am. Like an anxious parent, I tend to overwater my succulent plant and that's usually the cause of most succulents' death. 

Fear not, we have tried and tested the following tips and that should help you keep your succulents living longer! 


1. Choose a pot that allows water to drain out. A pot without drainage holes prevents the roots to "breathe" and it will rot, causing the succulent to die.  

2. Water your succulents with more water each time but at lesser frequencies. Allow the soil to dry thoroughly before watering the next time. 


3. Ensure that your succulent gets 6 hours of sunlight daily! Rotate the plant once in a while so that all sides of the succulent will receive sufficient sunlight.


It is normal if you see dead leaves at the bottom of the succulent (: Just part and parcel of a plant's life. Gently pull away the dead leaves from the stem. 


If the leaves on the succulent look too puffy, it means that you are overwatering the plant and that causes the leaves to easily break off from the stem. 



If the leaves are wrinkled up like a dried prune, it means that they need more water! (: show them some TLC now! 

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