#FlowerCrushFriday - Flower Dyeing

It is inevitable that flowers die or that they get damaged when they are being transported from one place to the other. Often, these flowers end up in the bin because it is not easy to incorporate them in arrangements. 

Recently, we've came across this technique called flower pounding on @plants_are_magic's Instagram page and we thought it is a great idea to salvage some of those flowers that may have been broken from the stem. 

1. Choose a light coloured fabric and lay it on top a piece of wood. We used a thin canvas linen that we use for embroidery.



2. Think of the design you want and lay your thrifted flowers on your cloth. Tape down the flowers so that they don't move about as you are hammering it. 


We suggest for you choose brighter flowers for the colours to transfer better! 



3.  Hammer away!


Ta-daaa!~ Our final art work!

Apart from being able to repurpose these flowers and create beautiful floral art, we found this flower pounding process, therapeutic. Seeing the colours slowly peaking through and watching an empty canvas slowly filling up with vibrant colours and unique textures, our hearts felt full and satisfied knowing the flowers have managed to fulfil its purpose of bringing joy and happiness. 


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