#FlowerCrushFriday - Dahlia & Fun Facts

This week's #flowercrushfriday was a funny one because it was our intern's first time seeing dahlias. It shocked her as the dahlias' petals were dropping off as soon as she removed them from the packaging. (Just imagine her face when she thought she accidentally killed the flowers.)



Dahlias are usually in season from July to September and they thrive better in a 20-22 degree temperature, thus the petals tend to fall off faster in our tropical climate. 

But that wouldn't stop us from using Dahlias because the colours are so rich and saturated! :) If you ever receive Dahlia flowers, try to put them in a cool spot! 

Other Fun facts:

  • The Dahlia is named after the Swedish 18th-century botanist Anders Dahl, who originally declared the flower a vegetable, as the tubers are edible.
  • The Dahlia is the official flower of both Seattle and San Francisco.

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